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Newsweek proclaimed 2009 as the “Year of the Cougar.” Hollywood was showcasing its leading ladies, who just happened to be over forty, with some leading men under forty. The article raised a question. It asked, “Are Cougars what women really want to be?”

The answer is yes for some, and no way, for others. The term “Cougar” is often used to describe women over forty who pursue, prey, prowl and pounce on younger men. In M.A.R.E.S.- Mature, Attractive, Respectable, Even-Tempered, Single, Professional, Extraordinary, Ladies Over Forty, author Sherry Lynne demonstrates that M.A.R.E.S. are confident, attractive, fun-loving, and financially secure ladies who magnetize a man searching for those qualities.

Married for twenty-four years and now divorced, Sherry Lynne shares knowledge and insights gleaned from her own personal experiences and those of others. She discusses the acronym she coined to represent this group of ladies who aspire to a higher level of femininity and professionalism. She tells how M.A.R.E.S. are the millennial version of what a noble, Victorian lady of the past would be. M.A.R.E.S. are the handkerchief-dropping, manner-filled, yet fun and exciting ladies the foremothers would be proud of.